Stephanie Octavia Loh | websteph | I really prefer to be called Steph.

I’ve loved acting and art for as long as can remember, and this is the life I’ve always wanted and loved.
Graduated 2013 | BA(Hons) in Acting at Lasalle College of the Arts

Inspired and intrigued especially by performance art (Marina Abramovic / Adrian Howells) and olfactory art (Maki Ueda).
Suzuki is my love and makes my day. So do squats and deadlifts.

I love everything about Japan. Art, theatre, country, the people. It’s an unexplainable love.

Gear: Panasonic GX1, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Macbook Air, notebooks, pens, the world.

Other useless information 

Anything green tea, yakiniku, salmon sashimi, berries, peanut butter, and coffee. And soup. SOUUUPP.
My favourite food channel is SORTED, go check them out! And Cooking with Dog.

Enjoys: Anything that sounds good, with nice lyrics. Symphonic metal, acoustic sounds.
Currently: Florence + The Machine, Nightwish, Joe Hisaishi

Books: I love fantasy and books dealing with magic, like elves and wizards and all that. Not forgetting poetry, especially Pablo Neruda and Shakespeare’s sonnets.
Currently: George RR Martin / Haruki Murakami / MURAKAMI MY LOVE

Television: Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family
Anime: Bleach, Joker Game, Sakamoto desu ga?, Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress

What appeals to me: Tea leaves, fresh tea, fresh coffee, new buildings, musk, cypress wood, stale cigs on clothing and buildings.
Fun fact : I’m did my honors thesis on the science of smell and it’s relation to memory!

I like the feel of: Being under/in water, towels, blankets.