Night Safari!

On Wednesday, Isa Sam Ben and I went to the Night Safari! It was one of our crazy shit ideas like “Heyyyy let’s go watch a movie NOW when it’s 11PM!!!!”  Haha. Going anywhere is fun with great company, in this case it comes in the form of 3 awesome people. Tabbi isn’t here cos we all thought the other party asked her and no one did. Sorry babe. D:

I apologize beforehand for the sad blur pictures because my camera had only one bar left and I have never done low light photography in my life. Ugh. It sucks ass.

It began… 6PM at Ang Mo Kio! Okay, a bit later than 6 because we were all late. Heh. We had dinner and decided to try KOI for the first time! Okay it was me and Ben’s virgin KOI drinking. Tabbi said that Oolong was nice so I had that. Ben had Honey Milk Tea. Isa had normal Milk Tea.

KOI 😀 Heheh sorry la didn't take photo.

IT WAS AWESOME. I love the medium sized pearls and it tasted different in a nice and addictive way. But waiting half an hour for it was horrible. If I didn’t have anyone waiting for the BBT (bubble tea not big bang theory) with my I would have just rammed against the nearest wall and died. I’m only drinking it again if people buy for/with me.

Moving on! We took 138 to Mandai and found ourselves at the Night Safari! It was nearing Halloween so they had the decorations up!

Ben Me Isa Sam!

The undead! Hahaha. It’s scary how Ben looks the most realistic here. He’s in a dress. AHAHA. And Sam couldn’t reach the head. XD

We bought the tram ride as well. It was so damn fun! I always expected it to be all nature-y and a mosquito feeding fest but it wasn’t! Because Ben took all the mosquito bites for us! Hahah. The tram ride was really fun, with the fresh night air blowing into your face and the animals right next to you.

Blur picture of Ben and Isa

I  couldn’t help but think of Kalaripayattu class when I saw the Elephant. BAH.  Elephant stance = pain. No pictures of animals during the tram ride because the tram is moving, I can’t use flash, and my camera refuses to focus at such disgusting conditions. And the most beautiful things can only be seen with the eyes, felt with the heart, and captured in memory. Bottom line? Go to the Night Safari with your awesome friends.

Sam and Isa. Two of the said awesome friends.

After the tram ride, it was already about ten, and we thought the last animal show was at 9.30. As a result, we were sad. The saddest of us was Ben. He was really really disappointed! I think the rest of us got over it really fast. Hahah. So we went to walk another trail, it was fun.

Saw really cute porcupines cuddling up with each other!

See it?

Where’s Waldo? 😛

There he is! Circled for you!


So cute la! =D For those blind people who STILL can’t see that they’re porcupines…

They smile!

I drew in their faces. Hehehe.

Oh, and at the end of the tram ride, we saw all the undead people decorations. They freaked me out so much. I felt like shooting them a la Left 4 Dead. Hehehe. We had many many more fun moments but I was too busy enjoying those moments to take photos.

One of them included trying to make a deal with a flying squirrel to land on Isa’s face for $250. It didn’t work.

It was an awesome night out. I love you people.

❤ Steph

P/S: The doll pictures for the Magical Tinies Meet IV are on SgCafe. CLick here!

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