knowing winter too will pass.

Hello everyone! Hope everyone’s been doing fine these few days. . I’ve been working and going back to Mayflower to help in their production. Was up doing an improvisation interview with them and it was.. Alright. The juniors don’t really remember me so it was kind of awkward, I guess.

I meant to post these photos up the last time, but I forgot. A few shots of the last doll meet I went to. It’s been a while, but I’ve been so busy! T_T I kind of miss going to dollmeets and all that.

Jasmine's beautiful Miho, Ariene

Met up with Jas! She has little dolly headphones that can actually be plugged into an MP3 and played! So cute la! Hahaha.

Ariene next to Len's Ryu, Tae Hyun

I brought Len’s baby out for the meet, cos it’s the first time he’s ever been out on a meet! 😀 The two beautiful Migidoll boys, Ariene and Tae Hyun, Miho and Ryu. So pretty! Uwaaah. :3

Besides helping out with MF (Have to bloody go to school at 7.15AM), I’ve been working at TFS! Needless to say, I can now saw mascara, toner, and pore tightening in Mandarin! HAHA. Working there is alright, quite fun, but long hours. >_< Oh, I bought a mousepad during my break! Ha! No more using a piece of paper as a lousy mousepad!


HEHEHE SO CUTE RIGHT!! I also bought a very cute pink pen, but the ink came out red when I brought it home! When I tested it, it was blue! So weird! Hahah, still cute anyway!


On another note, Happy Birthday Marc! You old fart childhood friend! No point clicking on his blog link cos he hasn’t updated since like, last year. I don’t think he’ll see this either.

As you all can see above, my diary is hand drawn by me! Because I wanted an A5 diary with the weekly view thing and a nice cover and they do not exist. 😦 So I had to draw it myself. Trusty. Looking at my diary makes me think of school, and hence, OHNO THREE MORE WEEKS! Three more weeks until school reopens, that is, if I manage to pay my school fees. Freaking expensive! I don’t know if I should be excited. Well, can’t wait to go out there and act, so I guess I’m excited. Bumming around at home makes me want to be a bum for the rest of my days.

Let me end this entry with a happy note, another cello picture of me! Once again, taken by the awesome Jamie!

Photo by Jamie, edited by me.

I love how the photo turned out! I look like one of those pro cello players, then this is my headshot when my interview is printed in “Cello Monthly” or something like that. Then it’s going to be captioned “Stephanie Loh, with her cello (US$4654, Yamaha [if they sell cellos?])” And “Stephanie Loh has been playing the cello since she was 8 years old etc etc”.

Okay I can’t play shit on bow-ed instruments. I almost killed my mom’s er hu.

❤ Steph

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