Philip’s Bday 2010

Because I only have two more assessments left, I can actually blog on a regular basis again! Whopee! Anyway, what better to blog about than about the recent events! This is the first time I’m using Picasa to upload a blog post, so I hope this works.

Digressing – But I’m using Picasa cos my desktop died, and photoshop’s in my desktop. -glares at desktop- The CPU kind of makes this beeping sound when I turn it on. Huh. MOVING ON.

We went to Tao’s for Philip’s 19th birthday! (I almost wrote 20th. Haha, that’s how old you look.) I spent hours cracking my head, wondering what would be a good birthday present for Philip. A shirt (for main service!)? Socks?! Penknives? Plasters? Snacks? -headdesk- Then Ben enlightened us with sagely advice – treat him to dinner. Well. Duh. Haha.

Tao’s is located at the basement of PoMo, formerly known as Paradiz Centre. (I sound like I’m writing an ad for them.) The food is freaking good. It’s so damn good. It’s a 7-course meal, go with an empty stomach. If you’re not a mushroom eater, like me, go with mushroom eaters. You’ll need them. HAHA.

The teas are served in cute little pots. Rose apple tea is the nicest. And the cups are so cute. HAHA. I’m a tea fan. I’m biased. The tea is freaking awesome. Ughh looking at the picture now makes me want to drink tea! Tea tea tea~ Haha. It has apples inside! And it’s damn yummy! I can write a whole post about the joy of tea la.

Okay basically, the food is good, save for one course which was some mushroom thing. Philip and Ben ate it for me. It was gross and squishy but according to them, it’s nice. Haha. I liked the starters. It was some bread with cheese gratin that reminded me of solidified mushroom soup. Ha. I should write this post after eating dinner. -_- I’m getting hungry now.

Main course – Take the beef. The beef is awesome. Awesome awesome beef.
I took flounder. Yes the fish. I was kind of suspicious cos fish usually tastes really.. Fishy (pun not intended). It was damn good, with the cheese on top. Me, being female, got too full too quickly, which SUCKED cos I still wanted to eat. Grrawr.

Of course, how could we forget what we came for? =D Philip! It’s the company that counts at wherever we go, right? The staff was so nice, gave us extra tea and dessert~ There’s this staff that keeps coming over to check us, see if everything’s okay and all that jazz. Really really friendly, but I think he uses the same jokes on every table. HAHA.

The dessert was awesome (I had green tea ice cream!) and the guys had Creme Brulee. First time eating creme brulee – not my thing. Why is it eggy?! They gave extra tiramisu and chocolate mousse just cos it’s was Flip’s bday. If I wasn’t so full it would’ve been nice. I need an external stomach that I can plug in. Haha.

Happy birthday you old fart! Learn to smile more okay?
XD I love how we’re all coincidentally wearing black.

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