House Move pictures.

I’ve finally finished editing the pictures of my new room/house thingum! :3 19 pictures!

Something from Japan which I don’t understand, hanging on my door!

And when you open the door.. You immediately see…

The dolls* are excited that I’m giving a virtual tour, and also complaining that I never take pictures of them anymore, so they insist on showing you guys around.

This is my bookshelf!

Christmas thing Japanese host gave me, Lelouch, Byakuya, Echo’s foot.

Echo: The wall clashes with my hair color.

Shoji has taken over my desk! But it’s okay, he has cuteness to make up for it!

Shoji: Hi Fufu~~ Let’s meet up soon?

OKAY MOVING ON! Moving to.. My bed! ^_^

My messyish bed, and.. Namimi?

Namida: I’m the first kid, so I get dibs on the bed!

Nami: -smirk-

Okay, let’s move on the other parts of the room..

Steph: You guys rushed here so quickly..
Echo: Can’t let the guys get the limelight.
Shoji: These are our boxes, but they’re used to keep our stuff!

With that, Shoji and Echo both hop onto the boxes.

Shoji: But we don’t sit around the room all the time…
Echo: Nami, a little help here..

Shoji: We sleep in Steph’ cupboard!
Nami: There ya go.

Nami: The bottom half of Steph’s closet..

Echo: -jumps up- Which we’ve dominated.

Steph: Okay guys, I’m ending it! Go in and say bye.

Everyone: BYEBYE~ -lovelove-

At this point, I wasn’t convinced that they’re this lovey dovey. So I opened the closet and took a quick shot.

Shoji: Guys Steph is ope—
Echo: -has snatched teddy bear from Namida-
Namida: Hmphh…..

Leeke shoes are nice.


* = Dolls’ dialogue are purely fictional. They really don’t move around my room. xD

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