It’s like, 2009!

Hey there, my first entry of 2009! =D My goodness, I actually lived for this long. -cough-

So yes, as a customary thing for my blog every New Years’ is to blog my new year resolutions – after which I’ll put into my reminders. So.. Here I go.

  1. I will do my quiet time for 365 days this year, and not back out somewhere in October. >.>
  2. I will stop spending so much on dolls. No more dolls this year! (Okay la, save for the head..)
  3. I will not be a lazy bum. -slaps self-
  4. I will try to be nice to my parents and not fight with Mummy so much.
  5. I will stop being morbid and wantingto bite everyone to death. (xD Hibari!)
  6. I will learn to sew!!! >_<
  7. I will take time to actually practice guitar.
  8. I will not be late for any appointments I make.
  9. I will stop being online 24/7! >_<

There you have it, my new year resolutions. D:

Well,I gotta go clean my room / do face up / plan for illusivity / do portfolio!

See you around!

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