I’m done editing/uploading! Oh, my poor sore tired eyes! Anyway, here’s my take on CAMP MAJESTY. I didn’t run around taking many pictures, so I have only around 50 pictures after deleting the stupid blur ones. 😀 (Stacy has 1056 pics, wahaha) So… Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Camp Majesty was amazing, like all the other JG Camps I’ve been to! It was an eye-opener, and it really has made me confirm that I’d do anything for God. I remember I was screaming inwardly, asking “God. God! WHAT ON EARTH DYOU WANT ME TO DO”

No, no booming voice. Just my own thoughts saying “I’d even go to shit engineering courses!” I know, I’d never be satisfied if I did a will other than Gods’. ANYWAY, MOVING ON.

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Please save and upload to YOUR OWN server!

Germie is a bunny!

My group was “Maharaja”. Yes, again with the ridiculous names. Pfft. I was assistant leader to Joel 3. The skit was based on Titanic, and our skit partner was “Daewang” (Korea) MAWANG! xD Anyway, our ending was “Both Jack and Rose jumped off the ship”. ._. Errr.

“I kill you with my cool gun desu!”

Everyone, meet Sam Chua the parrot! He has cool hair right!

Chris, who sat opposite me and thus has the honour of having a picture taken by ME, with his glamorous bib given to him by his angel.

Team MAHARAJA for the win!, minus Germaine, who ran off somewhere.

And our ally, team Daewang! I promise you Samuel aka Doraemon (nearest left) is super cute! ><

This is be Kaiser!

Our camp verse: 1 Peter 2:9
Everybody WAN PETER 2-NITE.

Peter: J00 want me? Yay!

The field where we had our games. Fun! 8D Including swimming in detergent, spraying each other with dyed water, spreading shaving cream, digging hands in soil-ed water, melting ice, doing math equations…

And here we have Walter, being pensive.

Childhood friend Caroline! I totally glomped her when I first saw her in like, a million years. T_T -sheds tears of joy-

STACY! We’ve been in the same team/combined team for 5 years running! Love lovee!

Cosplay influence!


My turn to play!

“You will perish, under my wooden.. katana… “

I am cool in a black hat!

And now, the fun really begins! The skit time!

Sam you are an awesome parrot!

Wei Sze and Jon, Rose and Jack!

-guffaws- The 3 pirates and Amanda! XD

And the winning team… Sheikh and… forgot what name!

Marcus, I totally admire your great sacrifice during your skit. The poor boy did a leapfrog and landed smack on his bum. Then… a hush came over the audience.

And he stood up and continued the act. -bows-

Post-skit pictures!

The 3 crazy barker boys.

Me and Walter. He’s like the piano pro la. And he wore a wig for the sake of performance! -sheds tears-

WHY ARE YOU SO TALL! Anyway, this is me and Marcus. We’re not smiling cos he didn’t want to smile, for his bum still hurt.

My apologies for the blur picture! I was laughing at the retardedness of someones face. xD


Caroline joins in!

Then we started the retarded hopping craziness! Photos courtesy of Lynette!

First up, Sam and Lester.



Start running…!


And land!

The crazy people!

Stacy the mad woman!

No idea what we were doing but.. I.. blocked my own face. 😦

Everyone, meet Princess Samantha!

Did I tell you how much I love my group! Maharians!

Another shot!

Sheikh, taken by Marc’s request. Email me for the full resolution.

Jump shots of Sheikh.

This proves the Becky will forever look weird in jump shots.

SEE? (She’s the left-est in the photo, by the way)


Camp Majesty ROCKED, and was totally worth missing the Japan trip! -is bricked by Len and Chlo-

Welcome back to Singapore, you two! ❤

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