Emo Poem Time~

bleeding, crawling on the ground
scraping, creeping without sound
crying, as it crashed onto the bed
do i even regret?

these tears tell me how i feel,
am i empty, am i real?
my tears falling say it’s true,
admitted to hurting you.

painful, it hurts like hell.
but i’m silent, i can’t tell.
i can’t bring myself to it,
help make these pieces fit.

my voice is blanking out,
it’s pouring away the doubt.
i know it, i can taste this,
release me from my darkened bliss.

these colors are fading,
is this song ending..?
can you feel the thread short,
the snow is warming hot.

i’m shuddering, shivering,
grab on to this stabbing sting,
whimpering, stumbling round this place,
looking to hold on to a familiar face.

coming in, the walls and windows,
the latches and bolts too close.
enough, this is enough hurt to take,
i can’t make anymore mistakes.

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