A Long Time

Long time no see, my dearest readers! (If I have any, that is.) The disgusting End-Of-Year exams are over and have left me free to blog. Now, now, here are my long-owed photos…

I believe in ‘the picture says it all’, don’t you? Remember the JG Steamboat? Here’s a bunch of photos to add your own captions, because I don’t know what to say.

It’s food. What do you expect me to say? -.-

Then 大nii-chan came back from China! ^.^ We went to eat this Japanese + Italian pasta seafood place. Not to my liking. Too much prawn. Anyway, Mummy had this black-ink squid pasta. It’s seriously BLACK.


Then I had to take pictures of my DEARESTTTTTT niece and nephew.

Coen looks so emo.. HEHEHE. -smirk- NO, I didn’t teache him to be emo, you dumdums.

Over-ly photoshopped Claris. She looked so cute I HAD to add the pink stuff.

After the dinner, we walked along the don’t know what it’s called quay/river. I think it’s Clarke Quay. -cough- Anyway, Claris was being so cute and insisting on carrying her fairy wand. In the end, they didn’t want to carry their lanterns. Guess who carry? ME! HAHA.

Then we went to eat MATCHA ICE CREAM~ -insert spakles- It’s massive I tell you, MASSIVE!



Artistic Photos!

Now, remember the E-learning? Illusive went to Chloe’s and after that, Shery Len and I took artistic photos. ^.^

You HAVE to love my captions. Admit it, you do.

And it’s me! I know my legs aren’t nice to look at so don’t look at them.

Yup, it was taken at the back of the bus cos it was empty.

Until next time… Byebye!

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