I’m Baaack~

Hello my dearrrrs…. -lazy drawl- I’m blogging because my school has decided to be annoying. We had EOYs yesterday and today, then there’s a huuuge break until next Friday, then the entire week after next is clogged up. Can the system be ANY MORE retarded? Pfft.

So, anyway, I practically wrote nonsense for my compo. The title was “Gambling” (I always use the one-word topics). So, anyway, I’m so so so disappointed with myself. I wrote a silly cliche story. -sigh-

On a lighter note, I think I did okay for the Chinese paper 1 today. I wrote more than I usually write, I guess. (Even though I didn’t understand half of what the thing was telling me.) It was about vandalism. Then I didn’t know what vandalism was in Chinese.

So, I wrote : 电梯的墙壁很不好看(The lift walls are not nice to look at)

Someone kill me. 私輪バカ一番!

I wrote a poem in English Paper 2 today (Too much time & paper.) I actually finished quite fast, about an hour or so, then I saw that everyone was still doing it and I was all panicky.

Thoughts in an examination hall

Incessant spinning of fans
Twirl, swish, chop.
Occasional flip of pages,
Rustle, scrape, click.

Alone, even though I’m surrounded
My eyes are heavy but mind not
Thinking of dreams and castles,
In our faraway land.

Scribbles on an extra piece of paper,
they wonder where and what.
You must be sleeping now,
Could you be otherwise?

Are you dreaming, love?
Of dragon and knights and princesses.
Are you even thinking, love?
Of stars and moons and universes.

Find me dreamland,
Let me find you in mine.
Inside I know no tears,
Pain has disappeared.

My fingers glide across the clouds,
Let’s run and fly ‘cross the skies.
For between my solitary lines,
Your name’s stiched beneath my mind.

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