Zhonghua 20th Anniversary

There we go! Now we’re ready to BLOGGGGG! =D

Teddy, Elaine, Len, Travis and I went to Zhonghua Primary’s 20th Anniversary. Len and I were really really early. Trust me to be so paranoid about the time.




Starting to zi lian.

This is how bored we were. Because we were too early. -_-

Then the people finally arrived! So dinner started. We weren’t really watching the program.. More like eating and walking around looking for past year teachers. 😀

Don’t ask.

Me and Lenny..
are gluttons.

Me, Lenny, El-le.
We walked around somemore and then we found our dear, dear teacher…

Ms. Normala!
The hall was very very hot, so we were all kinda gross and sweaty. -_-
So we took a picture. 😀
Then we found…

Mrs. Ong!
We saw many other teachers as well, but they were all busy.. :/
But we had balloons! I brought two of them home, clutching them tightly in my hands like a kid.
Then I started drinking the helium. HAHAHA.
The End! Oh yes, last picture..

Photoshopped by me! =D

Goodnight, everyone.

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