Ze Wedding

Okay okay I’ll post about Eekor’s Wedding… -.-
On Saturday got the Chinese Ceremony THINGY then I woke up late… 9+.. Chelsia Jiejie already came. Coen wake me up lor.. Rushed to bathe and everything then waited for Eekor to bring Weiqi jiejie back.

Them at Weiqi Jiejie’s house downthere..

At the house, they received various forms of torment. This one’s my favourite. Haha.


I can hear a few evil laughs coming from the background.

Then Eekor finally brought Weiqi Jiejie back. Then drink tea give tea yaddah yaddah TEA TEA TEA. I love Chinese Tea. ^^ But I didn’t drink it. Had to give it to Eekor and Weiqi Jiejie.

Got angpao for giving tea. Don’t know for what also.. But who’s complaining?


Top row;
Chelsia Jiejie with Coen, Claris, Da ge (Big bro), Weiqi Jiejie, Eekor (2nd bro), ME!
Sitting down people;
Shirley Mummy, Papa, Mummy

With them relatives aunties and uncles

Everyone else.
Then the cheesy pictures started.

Photographer’s favourite pose: HUAT AH. Look at Eekor’s constipated face…

Then he said think of a random pose.

Running out of poses

Therefore I did a stupid pose.

Then went to Eekor’s new house for dunno what also.
Mummy, Irene Aunty and me


I went to church normally like any other Sunday. Ate lunch with I forgot who. Then went back to church and Mummy fetched us home to prepare for that night at Sentosa. Yea, his dinner thingy was at Sentosa. We went to witness the dunno what signing thingy of the cert la.

The picture says it all.

Claris and Coen. SO CUTE CAN. ^^

At the dinner. They went around taking photos.

Claris and some other dude. Flower girl-ness. But she freaked out cos of the dry ice.

After everyone left the place. Eekor and Weiqi jiejie’s side of the familie(s)

Me and Weiqi jiejie. I look. SPASTIC. It’s the flash ok.

Eekor looks funny. Yes. HUAT AH. Again.

The End.

-clap clap clap-

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