memories of a rollercoaster ride

when i woke up this morning. i thought “what just happened?” seriously.. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

20 / 21st july, mayflower secondary school, musical night. The Fairies Doll. It’s funny at that point of time, i was wishing for it to be over, as soon as possible. Then suddenly i want to do it all over again. it’s a wonderful memory.

friday, 21st july, i think that was the happiest night of my 13-going-14 years. it was so cool. i can’t descibe it! okay, i’m going hyper. but it was so cool. i loved it. i mean, everyone was there. the musical went great, everyone was happy. thanks for the flowers! HAHAHA.

i know i’ll forget many things that happened yesterday and thursday. i don’t want to forget. it’s like this rollercoaster ride, you feel nervous and want to get off.. and then it’s suddenly over and you want to do it again. everything – I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN. c’mon, anybody looking for an actress for a musical/show?! ANYONE? i’m HERE!!

beautiful memories.
thank yous, mr james lee – ahha.. for writing the script and doing like lots of things for this musical. mr chen. ms chua.. the entire backstage crew. hahaah. it was a GREAAAAAT experience.

the tiring rehearsals, scoldings by mr chen (HEH!), practices practices and MORE PRACTICES! they’re seriously worth it.

can i do it again? i want to do another musical! i miss it already. and i dreamt of ms chua and mr lee. hahhaha! musical hangovers. =) WOOTS.

and thank You, Lord.
You deserve the highest credit of them all.


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