youth camp ’05 photos

long awaited.
took me a long time to edit.
=D mouse over the pics [and stay] to see some extra descriptions.

taken on last day. THE SUN WAS TOO BRIGHT OK! 😀
the evil long bridge. hovering over oblivion. mwahhaha.
MUD.. lots of mud.
need i say more? o.0
….the picture says it all
the many faces of pastor long
the pic on the top right, i didn’t do anything! camera flash effects!
nanaanaaa.. XD note broken strings.
note the guitar strings..
cassandra, me, eunice, charis, stacy.
grp photo!
evil glint in edmund's eyes. doctor & queen joanne. XDD!!!
queen armadella and evil glinted doctor edmund
d'aws! alaster proposing to stacy. aka han solo and leia
han solo and princess leia
group pic
how organized
....five seconds later.
falling into chaos! XD!
=D! wheee
underground church briefing. note kai's red evil eyes. XD!
undergrnd church thing. evil red eyes. O_O
lunch on the last day
last day— lunch. note someone’s out to get our rice. XD

okay. that’s not all really. LOTS of pics but i’m just too lazy to edit them all.
it’s 5.40Pm. i started at around 5PM okay. >.<

off to do homework. 😀

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